Qubely Pro Review 2020: Details, Features & Pricing

I’m sure you agree with me if I say: 

Gutenberg is the next future of WordPress. 

So it is wise to create web pages with Gutenberg right now. You will find a lot of Gutenberg blocks to make your journey easier. Qubely is one of the Gutenberg blocks with a lot of advanced blocks, starter packs, and predefined sections to create beautiful websites.

In this Qubely Pro review, I’ll cover all the pro features of Qubely. And you will be able to decide to go with Qubely Pro or not. 

Let’s dive right in.

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Is Qubely the best Gutenberg block?

If you are looking to use Qubely on WordPress website customizations, I can assure you Qubely is worth every penny than other Gutenberg blocks currently exist. There are definitely a few things you need to know when you compare Qubely Pro with other Gutenberg blocks.

Modern Design Layout Packs: It simplifies the way of designing most of the required pages by offering 81 beautifully design pages in 13 layout packs. Most importantly, you can use them with a single click.

Delightful Interaction: Qubely pro lets you apply modern interactions on the blocks to increase user engagement effectively. The best part is, you can create interactions visually without writing a single line of code. No other Gutenberg blocks offer premium interaction like Qubely.

A Big Collection of Blocks: It comes with 32+ useful blocks to improve your Gutenberg experience. These blocks will allow you to create a full-fledged website, including pages and blog posts.

Global Typography: It lets you set global typography to the body, heading, and button and use them to the entire site. It can save tons of your time and boost page speed. 

Design Presets for Blocks: Not only it offers highly customizable blocks, but also it comes with design presets. You can switch in between preset to meet your requirements.

Responsive Controls: You have all the required options to manage design and typography for different devices. Having these options, you can take control of every single element of your site.

Theme Support: When a theme works well with Gutenberg, it will work with Qubely also. If you want to use it with your existing theme, make sure that is Gutenberg supported.

Page Speed: It loads faster than some of the page builders and Gutenberg blocks. You do not have to worry about page speed when you are using Qubely.

Polished Design and User-friendly: It simplifies the Gutenberg user experience complexity with easily understandable functionalities. You will fall in love with Qubely for its polished design.

Faster & Friendly Support: Qubely Pro developer team, Themeum is a well-reputed customer service provider. You will get one to one email support and immediate query support on live chat. You can expect a response from the support team within 24 hours.

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Qubely Pro Premium Blocks

Qubely Pro comes with 8+ advanced blocks in the Gutenberg editor to boost your design experience. Premium blocks will help you create must needed sections of your website like post grid, interacting form, customer testimonials, image gallery, and so on. 

Let’s analyze all the blocks one by one.

Advanced Post Grid

Qubely Pro Advanced Post Grid

Post grid is an effective solution to show the best blog posts of your site. It helps to organize blog posts in a better way.

Qubely offers 5 post grid presets that will allow you to design a trendy post grid. You can show all posts or filter with category & tag.

What can you do with Advanced Post Grid?

  • Set your blog posts in List, Grid, and Masonry Grid view.
  • Improve Post design with 4 presets.
  • Set content alignment: Top, Middle, and Bottom.
  • Use the category and tag filters to show specific posts.
  • Control excerpt and post meta.
  • Enable and beautify the Read More link with two preset: Fill, Outline.

Form Builder

Qubely Pro Form Builder

Form is an essential aspect of any website under the sun. Everyone wants to attract user attention and convert them to take action. What if you can create a dynamic form in minutes? I’m sure you will take that eagerly.

Qubely Form Builder comes with 3 layout structures to make form building easier. Using presets, you are allowed to create interactive forms with text fields, email, radio buttons, checkboxes, date, time, and more.

What can you do with Form Builder Grid?

  • Experiment with 3 form layouts and set that is appropriate for you.
  • Create multi-columns form: 2, 3, and 4 columns.
  • Style inputs and placeholders using related settings.
  • Enable/Disable and style form labels.
  • Enable captcha and policy checkbox (You can ask mail subscription permission using the policy checkbox. Hardly you may find this useful feature).
  • Enter error, success, and failed messages when the user submits a form.
  • Configure Email settings to finalize the form.

Testimonial Carousel

Qubely Pro Testimonails

Testimonials are powerful to build trust & credibility with social proof. I believe you want to showcase your customer testimonials in a better way to increase user engagement.

Qubely Pro lets you create a testimonials carousel/slider using 3 premade layouts. You can set quote icons, messages, names, images, designations, ratings, and design every single content as per your requirements.

What can you do with Testimonial Carousel Grid?

  • Decide one from 3 testimonial layouts that fit on your site.
  • Set the number of testimonials and columns you want to show.
  • Use carousel settings like mouse drag, autoplay, centered slides for controlling the slider.
  • Style all elements & background and apply typography.
  • Show/hide slider control: Arrow & Dot and design as well.
  • Display user images and ratings.


Qubely Pro Gallary

Photo gallery is one of the most powerful assets for a website to display products and services. Also, it helps to develop a visually potential and appealing website.

Gallery block allows you to create engaging photo galleries in no time. You can start with one of its two useful layouts.

What can you do with Gallery Grid?

  • Import images and select one from two presets: Grid and Masonry.
  • Set gallery columns and margins between gallery images.
  • Apply image height and animation (when needed).
  • Enable background overlay and blend mode to make the gallery more visually appealing. 
  • You are allowed to enable image captions too.

Image Carousel

Qubely Pro Image Carousel

You may have heard this famous quote ‘A picture is worth a thousand words!’. Can you remember the last time you noticed a website without images? Your time is over! Get back from the flashback. 

Images are an essential element to increase user activity on your website. Image Carousel block comes with 5 layout styles and lets you display images in carousels. 

What can you do with Image Carousel Grid?

  • Select an image carousel layout style from 5 available options.
  • Set a proper image height that suites the design purpose.
  • Control over the carousel settings.
  • Change the arrow icon and adjust the position as per your needs.
  • You can set and design image titles and subtitles too.

Pro tips: You can show all the brand logos who featured and recommend you. It helps to increase customer loyalty.

Pro Tips

You can show all the brand logos who featured and recommend you. It helps to increase customer loyalty.

Price List

Qubely Pro Price List

Nothing is more important than Price because you are sending a message to your visitor’s mind through it. A better design price list attracts customers fast and boosts sell.

Price list block offers 3 preset layouts. Selecting one, you can design a smart price list easily. Qubely pro lets you showcase products, services, and membership pricing lists.

What can you do with Price List Grid?

  • Set the number of pricing and column you want to show.
  • Change the Price tag position.
  • Choose one from 3 pricing list layouts and set alignment.
  • Enable badges and adjust position on the pricing items.
  • Enable media and apply media type.
  • Display actual and sale price to increase the conversion.
  • Connect between the item names and prices with lines. 

Post Carousel

Qubely Pro Post Carousel

Modern designed business website and blog owners opt to show their popular blog posts in slides. It is a better user experience for visitors because they can find necessary blog posts in a single place.

Sometimes, it requires time and strong coding skills to fetch blog posts in slider/carousel. Using the Post Carousel block of Qubely Pro, you can create a post slider easily within a short time. Similar to the advanced post grid block, the Post Carousel block offers 4 design patterns. 

What can you do with Post Carousel Grid?

  • Select one from 4 design patterns.
  • Bring posts and display them on the slide.
  • Use the category and tag filters to show specific posts.
  • Set the number of columns and apply arrow, dots, autoplay, mouse drag, and centered slide options as you want.
  • Show the featured images and select a preferable size. You are allowed to set a fixed height as well.

Team Carousel

Qubely Pro Team Carousel

Showing team members help to build trust and engagement among potential customers. People like to see real faces behind your company.

Qubely Pro’s Team Carousel lets you show your team members in a slider carousel. You are allowed to insert names, images, designation, and social media profiles for an individual member. Take control over the design and typography of each included element. And design team slides to develop an emotional relationship with your visitors. 

What can you do with Team Carousel Grid?

  • Start with one from 3 design layouts.
  • Align the content: Left, Center, and Right as per your design requirements. 
  • Set total team members, team members per row, and the margin between each member.
  • Define image size and design with a lot of settings.
  • Assign different slider control indicators and their sizes.

Starter Layout Packs

When you are creating a corporate or business website, I bet you need to create some must required pages like home, service, portfolio, about, and contact. Sometimes, it requires you to hire a developer for creating these starter pages, or it is time-consuming for you when you want to personally. Here come the requirements of pre-build starter packs.

Compared to the other Gutenberg blocks, Qubely Pro not only allows you to build websites easily but also quickly. Qubely Pro offers 13 starter layout packs with professional and trendy design to create your site immediately. Every layout pack has lots of ready pages. You must be wondering to see what type of starter packs Qubely Pro covered. 

Let’s take a quick look:

  • Creative Agency
  • Furniture
  • Coffee Shop
  • Hand-Craft
  • Dentist
  • Gym
  • Barber Shop
  • Restaurant
  • AC Repair
  • Charity
  • Agency
  • Corporate
  • Business

These starter packs make Qubely Pro stand out from other Gutenberg blocks. To use your required pack, create a page first, and import layouts from the library. It is a better opportunity to start with a layout pack, instead of repeating yourself from creating the required pages.

Premade Sections

Qubely Pro Premade Sections

Sometimes, you may need one or more readymade sections instead of an entire page. Qubely Pro understands your requirements with care. It comes with 150+ well-designed sections in different categories. 

Let’s check what categories are available for you:

  • Feature
  • Hero Section
  • Call To Action
  • Service
  • Pricing
  • Contact
  • Footer
  • Testimonial
  • Team
  • Project
  • Content

You can use readymade sections on your website wherever you need one. Import and replace dummy content with yours as simple as that. 


Creating layouts and styling pages is a great way to start, but you can grab visitors’ attention more by adding interactions and animations. An animation executes when a trigger happens like scrolling, hovering, moving the mouse.

Qubely Pro interactions combine all the power of CSS and JavaScript into a few visual options. Using those options, you can go beyond conventional flat page designs and apply mind-blowing interactions to make your website more appealing and lively. Most importantly, you can give your site a new level of interactivity without even thinking about code.

What are the interactions Qubely Pro offers? 

  • Move
  • Scale
  • Steer
  • Skew
  • Opacity
  • Blur Effect
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Qubely Pro Pricing

Qubely Pro offers 6 customer-friendly pricing plans for different purposes. Pricing plans depend on the number of sites you can use it. It comes with both lifetime and yearly pricing plans to fit your needs. Let’s look at Qubely Pro plans in detail. 

Annual Pricing Plans

The annual (yearly) pricing plans distributed in 3 different options. It includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter layout pack library. You will get priority support and 1-year plugin updates with the annual license.

Single License: The 5 License Pack is available at only $39. A good match for you if you want to use Qubely Pro on a single site. 

5 License Pack: The Single License will cost you $59. An ideal choice for you and your business if you want to build up to 5 sites.

Unlimited Licenses: The Unlimited License is available at $99. It is the best fit for you if you are a developer or development agencies and want to build up unlimited sites.

Lifetime Pricing Plans

The lifetime pricing plans also distributed in 3 different options. It includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter layout pack library. With the lifetime license, you will get priority support and plugin updates for a lifetime.

Single License: The Single License lifetime plan is available at $299. 

5 License Pack: You can go with the 5 License Pack lifetime plan at $299. 

Unlimited Licenses: You can get the Unlimited License lifetime plan at $599. 

Pro Tips

When you have purchased a pro license, you have access to all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter layout pack library. You can pick a plan based on your website purposes and requirements. I think going with a Lifetime license is worth it instead of renewing the annual license every year.

Final Thoughts On Qubely Pro

Qubely upgrades the Gutenberg user experience to the new level. It combines most of the required blocks with attractive design. 

Whenever a block comes, it comes with highly customizable functionalities. It lets you customize a block in every possible way.

If you are looking to create web pages with full control of Gutenberg, I must say Qubely Pro is a better choice for you.

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