Tutor LMS Review

Tutor LMS Review: Is The Best WordPress LMS Plugin for you?

Do you want to create an eLearning site for selling courses? I bet you do, or you would like to create one for your clients. 

You see a lot of LMS plugins out there. Now you are struggling with which one has most of your required features and worth for money. That’s why you landed on my Tutor LMS Review.

Agree? (I think so)

I have been using Tutor LMS since the alpha version. I’m going to share my experience with you so that you can make the best decision on your choice.

In this Tutor LMS Review, I will explain every single feature of Tutor LMS to you in-depth. And you will get all of the answers you need are right here in the next 10 minutes. 

(I’m sure you will be happy to invest 10 minutes only to go through the entire article before purchasing a product at $149-$999.)

Let’s dive right in.

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What is Tutor LMS and best suited to whom?

Tutor LMS takes the learning management system to the next level. It simplifies all the complicated processes of creating an eLearning site with its user-friendly features. Without writing a single line of code, you can create, manage, and sell your online courses. 

If you’re an individual instructor or a part of the following platforms, Tutor LMS is best suited for you: 

  • eLearning Platforms
  • Individual Instructors
  • Community Education
  • Training Organizations
  • Blended Learning
  • Coaching Centers
  • Arts & Music Schools
  • Off-campus Diploma
  • Schools and Universities

Is Tutor LMS the best WordPress LMS plugin, why? 

Though Tutor LMS is new, it has got 2000+ active installation and 35+ 5 star rating in less than 6 months. It covers most of the required and advanced learning features that haven’t been touched yet by any other LMS plugins over the years.

  • Frontend Course Builder: Tutor LMS is the first learning management system that comes with the frontend course building opportunity. It allows you to publish courses fast without going to the WordPress dashboard.
  • 10 Unique Quiz Types: It offers a great quiz creation experience. It comes with 10 types of quizzes like single/multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, matching, image answering, etc. 
  • Frontend Dashboard: It comes with a frontend dashboard for both students and instructors. So they can perform all of their learning tasks without using the WordPress dashboard.
  • Course Marketplace: It will let you build your desired course marketplace or eLearning platform. It has all the required marketplace functionalities like course creation, multiple instructors, course prerequisites, revenue sharing, withdrawal, etc.
  • Large Database Handling: It split all the data to database tables in an excellent way. Also, it has the most stable database structure to get the highest performance. No matter how much data you have, it can control tons of data without any performance issues.
  • Customer First Approach: The team behind Tutor LMS listens to feature requests with care, and implements fast. You can request your required features on the Public Roadmap.
  • Eye-catching UI and Excellent User Experience: Tutor LMS is the industry-first LMS plugin that delivers UI and UX as per user requirements on every aspect. You rarely able to find a WordPress plugin that offers user-friendly functionalities along with an eye-catching user interface. 

Tutor LMS Pros & Cons


  • You can get it at an affordable price compared to all of its functionality, and it’s lower than some of the WordPress LMS plugins.
  • It is easy to use because of easily understandable functionalities.
  • It offers WooCommerce and EDD integration. You can sell your courses using WooCommerce or EDD platform. 
  • You have a great chance to create a membership site using Tutor and Paid Membership Pro & sell courses for a monthly/yearly recurring payment.
  • You can analyze your course performance individually through its advanced report.
  • You will get 13 readymade certificate templates to award your students. It lets you choose one and customize as per your requirements.
  • You do not need to worry about the device responsiveness when you are using Tutor LMS because it works seamlessly in all devices. 
  • Tutor LMS provides faster and priority email support for the paid users. You can get help on WordPress and Themeum forum as a free user. Their support engineer always tries to answer you within 24 hours.
  • It works with most of the modern free & paid themes. You can use it with your existing theme too.


  • There is no forum functionality or plugin integration included in Tutor LMS. They have a plan to include in the future.
  • It sends email notifications for 6 instances. Sometimes, you need more email alerts to make communication easier between admins, instructors, and students.
  • It doesn’t have an API for developing a native mobile app.
  • Since its a new plugin, you may find a few typos and bug here & there. (Inform them to get a fix)
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What can you get in the Tutor LMS Pro plugin?

1. Frontend Course Builder

Tutor LMS offers the first-ever frontend course builder to let you create your online courses without using the backend course builder. Build your course on the go using the frontend course builder by adding lessons, quizzes, assignments, and many more.

This intuitive course builder provides you a more reliable view of how your course looks on the frontend as you build courses. Sections are available for you in the course builder:

Tutor LMS - Front end course builder

Course Info

Course Title: Set your awesome course name here.

Course Description: Introduce your course to your students and tell them what the course is all about. Write a brief course description to get them excited to know further about your course. You can use any page builders like Elementor, WP Page Builder, Beaver Builder on this description section.

Difficulty Level: Show the difficulty level for your course easily from the options Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, or All Levels. It will help them to understand if the course is the best option for them.

Course Categories: You may have a few courses for different categories or even sub-categories (e.g., business, marketing, design, development). Create your course categories from Tutor LMS > Category and select them on the course categories section.

Course Thumbnail: Upload the course thumbnail image of your course using this option. Recommend image size is 700 by 430 pixels and Supported files: jpg, .jpeg,. gif, or .png no text on the image.


Course Intro Video: An intro video to demonstrate the course details, benefits are always great opportunities for you to boost your course selling. You can set an introductory video of your course by selecting an option from the dropdown.

Options are available for you: 

  • HTML5 (mp4)
  • External URL
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Embedded code of your video hosting like VooPlayer.

You can use VooPlayer for hosting your course videos. Tutor LMS recommends VooPlayer as an example, and I also recommend that too. HLS encryption is the most important and useful feature of VooPlayer. If people can somehow manage to download your course video, they will view a blank screen if they play it.

Course Builder

Add Topic: To create your course content, you can hit Add New Topic and create a topic with the Topic Name and the Topic Summary. Then either Add New Lesson or Add Topic Quiz or Add Assignments (Assignments is available on the pro version) inside that topic. You are allowed to add unlimited lessons under a course topic and insert quizzes whenever you need them.

Add Lesson: When you click on the Add New Lesson button, it will open a pop-up lesson editor instead of opening a new tab. It is one of the most useful features you can have in an LMS plugin.

Here are all the fields included in the lesson editor:

  • Lesson title  – add your lesson title here.
  • Lesson description – add lesson text using this as a regular WordPress editor. You also have the option to use any page builders like Elementor, WP Page Builder, Beaver Builder on this section by clicking on the Classic Editor button.
  • Video source – Select a video course from the dropdown and add a video for the lesson. Options for the video sources are the same as the Course Intro Video section.
  • Video playback time – set how long the video should play.
  • Attachment – upload files here (e.g., pdf, image, doc, etc.). You are allowed to upload more than one attachment. You can remove any attachments by clicking the cross “x” button next to the file name.

Additional Data

  • Total Course Duration: You can set the course duration of your course in this field to tell students how much time they need to invest in this particular course.
  • Benefits of the Course: In this useful field, list the knowledge and skills that students will learn at the end of this course. So students can instantly realize what to expect from the course. 
  • Requirements/Instructions: If you want to share any specific instructions or additional requirements for your students, you can use this advantage. Here are some examples of instructions: internet connection, textbooks, join on a Facebook group, a website, or an account on a specific site.
  • Target Audience: Specify the variety of the target audience who will benefit most from your course.
  • Materials Included: Put the list of assets you will be providing for the students in this course. Assets can be something like total video length, articles, downloadable resources.


You can publish course announcements to students when needed. There is a useful feature to insert a variable inside the statement to address each student by their name.

Moreover, by using it, your instructors don’t need to learn WordPress for creating courses.

2. Advanced Quiz Creator

Quizzes are the most crucial part of making a course interactive and judge the performance of a student in a better way. Also, quizzes will make more student engagement and make your courses successful if they’re fun and interactive. Tutor LMS (free version) will help you with 5 unique question types to create versatile quizzes. 

Tutor LMS - Advanced quiz creator

You can re-order questions, limit quiz attempts & answering time, show the passing grade for quizzes, and set auto-update quiz results. If you want to review answers to questions and grade them manually, you can easily do it from your dashboard and the results will update respectively.

Image Matching

You may want to create quiz questions for your students to invite them to match images with identifying text. This impactful quiz type assists students to develop their visual thinking of a topic.

Tutor LMS - Image matching quiz options

Image Answering

Visual answering is highly efficient than text formats. In this unique question model, students choose the correct image regarding the question. 

Tutor LMS - Image answering quiz options


The matching question requires students to visually drag & drop the correct answer and match them to the right option.

Tutor LMS - Matching quiz option


The ordering question type is attractive for students because it is more interactive. In this pattern, students need to drag all the provided options and correctly rearrange them.

Tutor LMS - Ordering quiz option

Short Answers

Short answers question is a competent way to examine the student’s efficiency. You can set a limit of words, and students need to shorten their answers in that preferred limit.

Tutor LMS - Short answers quiz option

3. Award Certificate 

Upon course completion, your students would love to reward with a certificate for their achievement. Talented students especially look for courses that award a certificate. I believe you would love to take this opportunity if you can offer beautifully designed certificate templates without completing any design task.

Tutor LMS - Award certificate

Tutor LMS offers 13 readymade certificate templates. You can choose the one that you like most. You can personalize a certificate by including your authorized name, institution name, and signature. 

If you want to develop your custom certificate, that’s possible too. You need to install the Certificate Customizer for Tutor LMS plugin first and develop it in your preferred way.

4. Tutor Assignments

You may want to assign tasks to students for some of your courses. Because sometimes, you want thorough research from your students that is not possible to get just with the quizzes. 

Tutor LMS - Assignments

Tutor LMS Assignment makes this journey easy for you to assign tasks, and students can submit those without any hassle. You can review all of the assignments thoroughly and delete one if you want to retake them just like you do in a traditional classroom.  

5. Tutor Course Preview

Surely, you have taken a test drive before buying a car or analyzed the trial or free version first before purchasing a software. Why? Because it boosts your confidence and trust to make the purchasing decision. 

Tutor LMS - Course preview

Prospectively, students might want to ask you to try out a few lessons for free before enrolling in your course. Unlock a few lessons for students to decide your course is the best fit for them. This way, your lesson content is more than enough to maximize the conversion rates.

Tutor LMS offers the Course Preview addon to unlock a few lessons and motivate your targeted students to enroll.

6. Tutor Course Attachment

Show me a single who does not want to create an informative course. I bet you can’t. You need to upload course materials in pdf, doc, etc. format for students to download to create an informative course.

Tutor LMS - Course Attachment

Using the Tutor Course Attachments addon, add attachments to your courses in any WordPress media uploader supported file format. The important thing is, you are not limited to the file uploading.

7. Tutor Report 

Report & Analytical stats is crucial to know how your business is performing and what needs to be improved. I firmly believe you are expecting a WordPress LMS Plugin that allows you to analyze your business in a significant way.

Tutor LMS - Report

Tutor LMS makes your dream happen with an innovative Tutor Reports Addon. Get robust stats based on a wide range of your site data and analyze your course performance as well as specific course popularity. You can find the complete report in 3 following sections.

  • Overview: You can monitor how your entire eLearning site is performing through the overview section at a glance. You will get a detailed overview of total enrolled courses, added lessons, number of students, quizzes, reviews, and so on. Also, you will able to check the current month enrollment graph, list of all the popular courses, the latest reviews, recent questions, and the last registered students in this section. 
  • Courses: 6 predefined course time filters will assist you to observe how your courses have performed over the past year, month, or week. To check the enrollment performance of a specific time, all you need do to that enter two particular dates. You can download the performance reports in a CSV file. By noticing the most advanced reports, you can analyze the strengths of your course.
  • Reviews: Reviews tab contains all of the course reviews by your students. You can verify all of the reviews easily in detail. Sometimes, a student may have reviewed your courses for an irrelevant point. You are allowed to delete that specific review if you want.

8. Tutor Email 

Email automation is extremely valuable for online courses to make communication easier and boost engagement between students and instructors. Tutor Email addon allows you to send automatic emails to students and instructors on various important events.

Tutor LMS - Email

Set your eLearning platform name, associated email address, and write the email footer text that should appear in all emails. Here are the current email events available in Tutor LMS.

Email to Students:

  1. Quiz Completed
  2. Completed a course

Email to Teachers:

  1. A student enrolled in course
  2. A student completed a course
  3. A student completed lesson
  4. A student asked a question in Q&A

9. Quiz Attempt View for Students

Without the Quiz Attempt View feature, learning is incomplete. When a student submitted the quiz, you surely want students to be able to view their questioning attempts in full detail. 

You can enable this valuable opportunity for your students to view attempts in which answers were correct or incorrect.

10. Monitor & Control Student Enrollments

Sometimes, your students may have faced any issue during the enrollment. Or pay you directly or via bank transfer. In this case, you can enroll a student manually in a course. Students need to register on your site first. You can complete the registration on behalf of your students or create a new user with the Subscriber role.

Tutor LMS - Monitor & Control Student Enrolments

Enrollment addon allows you to take full control over all enrollments of your courses. You can approve, cancel, or delete the registration of a student. For example, if a student breaks specific rules or violates some dangerous things, you can cancel the enrollment and remove the student from your course.

11. Tutor Paid Memberships Pro 

A membership site allows you to teach a larger audience by selling membership access to your courses for a one-time or a recurring monthly/yearly fee. Tutor LMS integrates the Paid Memberships Pro plugin to offer great subscription plans. You need to define your complete business model, and then the Paid Memberships Pro plugin controls all the subscription plans to increase your revenue. 

There are a couple of excellent business models ready for you. You can choose your desired model.

Full website membership

With this model, once your students purchase one membership plan, they will get access to all the courses of your eLearning platform. For instance, you want to charge a monthly or yearly fee to access all the courses on your website, then this option suitable for you.

Category wise membership

This option helps you to sell membership based on the course category. You can sell different types of membership plans for different categories. 

For instance, you want to charge 10 USD per month for the Business courses and 25 USD per month for the software courses. For these sorts of circumstances, the category-wise membership is perfect for you.

12. WooCommerce Subscriptions 

If you would like to introduce subscription-based pricing for specific courses, then WooCommerce Subscription is the ideal option for you. Tutor LMS integrated the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to manage recurring payments for subscription-based courses.

Make more extra revenue with the profitable subscription choices in WooCommerce. To make the most out of it, you have to install and activate both WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins on your site. 

13. Content Drip

Sometimes, you need to make your course contents accessible to your students based on one or more custom conditions. For example, you want to make a specific lesson available to the students when they pass on a particular quiz. The content drip feature lets you publish lessons, quizzes, and assignments after the fulfillment of custom conditions.

Tutor LMS - Content drip

Using 4 fundamental conditions, you can take full control over the course content availability.

  • Schedule course contents by date: You can schedule or publish the course content on your preferred day. Students will notice the availability date when they visit the lesson page.
  • Content available after X days from enrollment: You can set a particular lesson unavailable to the students for certain days after their admission. Students can access the content automatically after expiring that season.
  • Course content available sequentially: You must be expecting to restrict the students to view the second lesson before completing the first. If you enable this setting, the students can access all the lessons one after one (sequentially). Students will lose the following lesson access if they skip one.
  • Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites: As I mentioned in the earlier example, you can make a specific lesson inaccessible to the students if they fail on a particular quiz. The same prerequisites functionality is available for lessons, quizzes, and assignments.

14. Grading System

Gradebooks boost communication with students by supporting them to understand where they stand in a course. The Tutor Gradebook is the ideal feature for universities and colleges who expect a comprehensive system to automatically calculate results in GPA.

Tutor LMS - Grading system

You can introduce the Grading Point system to grade all the quizzes and assignments of your courses. Gradebook feature of Tutor LMS shows the results in GPA form, and it lets you customize the grading method as your preference.

Right from the Gradebook, you can observe the development progress of all students individually. And students can analyze their results immediately as well as get an idea where they should improve to get a better grade.

15. Tutor Course Prerequisites

Sometimes, you may have some advanced courses and a beginner course as well. And you want your students to complete the beginner course at first before enrolling. For example, if a student wants to learn the Advanced WordPress Development, they require to complete the PHP For Beginner course first. 

Tutor LMS - Tutor course prerequisites

The course prerequisites add-on permits you to define the courses that students should complete before enrolling in a specific one. Add prerequisites to ensure that you get the target students for the higher benefit of your students and you. This way also helps you to let them show all the relevant courses you offer as well.

16. Tutor Multi Instructors 

You see, most of the popular courses of Udemy or Lynda and high ticket selling courses have multiple instructors. More than one instructor makes your students interested to buy a course and helps you to create even further resourceful courses.

Tutor LMS - Multi instructors

Tutor Multi Instructors feature enables you to introduce as many instructors as you want to an individual course. Enabling this addon, you will get an option to add multiple instructors while creating the course. 

Get Tutor LMS Now

What does Tutor LMS offer in the free version?

1. Intuitive Course Builder

Tutor LMS introduces a convenient drag-and-drop course builder that will allow you to create online courses from a single place. You can add all your topics & lessons and drag and drop them to rearrange, and insert quizzes to design your course in less time as per student requirements. Sections are available for you in the course builder: 

  • Course Intro
  • Course Settings
  • Course Builder
  • Additional Data
  • Announcements
  • Default WordPress Options
Tutor LMS - Course Builder

2. 5 Free Question Patterns

Tutor LMS offers 5 free quiz models for creating quizzes. In the free version of this WordPress LMS Plugin, you will get the following models.


Open-ended & essays let students prove their knowledge and writing skills for any specific content. Students can explore their talent as much as they can because there are no word-limits in open-ended quiz type.

Tutor LMS Question pattern

True or False

True/False questions are challenging for the student to identify whether this option is true or not.

Tutor LMS true or false question pattern

Single Choice

Students need to pick only one answer from multiple options. This type of short quizzes enables sharp thinking opportunities.

Tutor lms single choice quiz

Multiple Choice

It is a great evaluation technique, where students require to select more than one answer from the given options.

tutor lms multiple choice quiz option

Fill In The Blanks

Fill in the blank type questions evaluate the recall skills of students. Students can enter appropriate words where the blanks given in the questions.

Tutor lms fill in the blanks

3. Monetization to Sell Courses

Tutor LMS not only enables you to create courses but also lets you sell your courses to generate passive income from your eLearning platform. When you have completed the course creation part, now set a monetization to sell it. Tutor, the WordPress LMS plugin comes with the world’s most popular shopping cart WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) integration. 

Monetization to sell courses on tutor lms

4. Student & Instructor Registration

Registration is the first step for the students to join your course. Tutor LMS has a built-in Gutenberg block (Tutor Student Registration) and a student registration page to complete the registration process. You can include the Tutor Student Registration block anywhere on your site, where you think it will catch the student’s attention.

If you would like to create an eLearning platform using Tutor LMS, you can enable the Become Instructor Button from the settings. Become Instructor button will show up on the student’s dashboard with the registration page link. You can evaluate them from the admin dashboard and approve them who have the power of sharing knowledge.

5. Frontend Dashboard for Student & Instructor 

Using Tutor LMS, you will get a dedicated frontend dashboard for every single instructor and student. This dashboard includes all of the information related to a user’s account. 

Tutor lms front end dashboard for single instructor

Every student registered on your WordPress learning management system will get a frontend dashboard to check their course progress, enrolled courses, bookmarked courses, and so on.

Dashboard: Students can check a quick overview of their frontend dashboard on this tab.

My Profile: This menu contains all the filled data during the registration like registration date, phone number, and bio.

Enrolled Courses: Students will be able to check the list of their enrolled courses. Moreover, they can review active and completed courses.

Wishlist: Learners will get all of their bookmarked courses in this section.

Reviews: All of the given course reviews by the students are available is section. Students can modify their previous feedback from here whenever they want. 

My Quiz Attempts: Your students will able to check previously attempted quizzes and results of those quizzes, including the taken date.

Purchase History: When students purchase a course with a successful payment completion, they will get their purchase data on the purchase history menu.

Settings: Students can add profile related information (e.g., name, phone, bio, profile picture, etc.) and social account links here. Also, they can reset their previous password easily.

Logout: For logging out from your site.

Instructors have their dedicated dashboard too. They have 4 different menus to get all the teaching-related stats. Instructors can easily add courses, check earnings, and total students.

Earnings: Instructors can check their earning, including reports and statements. They will see an earning chart of the current month, all-time sales, withdraw, and many more.

Withdraw: All of the withdraw information like rending, completed, and rejected withdrawals stats are available on this menu.

Quiz Attempts: Instructors have the opportunity to check who has attempted on the quiz. Also, they can review the answer manually if they want.

6. Question & Answers Section

Q&A feature on the course is highly recommended to develop a connection between Instructor and Students. Students can easily submit questions to instructors about any topic or a specific lesson by using this feature. Other students can get their answers by browsing the Q&A tab if they have the same question. You can turn off this feature from Tutor LMS settings (if you do not require this).

tutor lms question & answer sections

7. Course Progress Tracking

A progress bar on the course is always an excellent feature to let your students know their course progress. Tutor LMS offers the course progress tracking to help students to realize the completed percentage of a course visually. The progress bar display on the course page as well as on the Enrolled Course of student dashboard.

8. Course Rating & Review

Star rating and detailed review on the course page motivate students to enroll in the course that is performing great on your site. Students who joined your course are allowed to leave a rating (1 to 5 star) with a brief or short review of your course. Student feedback will show at the end of your course page and course archive page.

Tutor lms course rating & review

9. Course Bookmarks

To maximize the course engagement, Tutor LMS offers the Bookmark courses feature. Students can add courses to their wishlist to check out that later without any complexity. This feature is accessible on the course archive page thumbnails. Allow students to build a wishlist that can boost enrollment. Remember, students can check their wishlist from the frontend dashboard.

Tutor lms course bookmark

10. Course Visibility

When you’re selling a high ticket course, maybe you want to restrict the course outline and few other contents of the course page from the not logged in visitors. You can use the Course Visibility option in this case. It requires the students to log in to your site to view the course page.

11. Spotlight Mode 

Students can be distracted if they see the header & footer of your site when they are viewing the lesson content like videos, text, images, etc. Tutor LMS offers a setting named Spotlight Mode to hide the header & footer to provide a better learning interface for your students.

Tutor lms spotlight mode option

12. Content Security

Course and lesson content is money for you, and it should be secure from third parties who have not enrolled in your course. Tutor LMS has the most protected content secure system for your online courses. Only authorized students will have content access by checking various phases like login, request source, anywhere it is embedded, etc. It guarantees that only registered students can have access to course videos and lessons. It means third parties will not be able to get the videos with the URL.

13. Native Login System

It is a great practice to let not the user know what platform (WordPress) you are using behind the screen because of security purposes. Tutor LMS has a native login system to login and register on your site without using the WordPress login system. Students and your registered users can reset or update the password using the native login system of Tutor LMS.

Tutor lms native login system

14. Public Profile

Tutor LMS allows students and instructors profiles to be publicly visible for the visitors. Visitors will able to check bio and taken courses by the profile owner. The audience will be to know about students who have enrolled in your courses. You need to enable this option from Tutor LMS settings. 

15. Video Player with Resuming

Tutor LMS comes with a built-in video player that has a more simplistic interface with less video playing buttons. It promotes your other videos (not your competitor’s videos) as uploaded on your Youtube channel. The most powerful feature if this video player is students can resume the video lessons from where they left off.

14. Public Profile

Tutor LMS allows students and instructors profiles to be publicly visible for the visitors. Visitors will able to check bio and taken courses by the profile owner. The audience will be to know about students who have enrolled in your courses. You need to enable this option from Tutor LMS settings. 

15. Video Player with Resuming

Tutor LMS comes with a built-in video player that has a more simplistic interface with less video playing buttons. It promotes your other videos (not your competitor’s videos) as uploaded on your Youtube channel. The most powerful feature if this video player is students can resume the video lessons from where they left off.

16. Power of WooCommerce Integration

Tutor LMS integrates the WooCommerce platform. You are allowed to use eCommerce features and opens the opportunity to start selling courses on your website. Most of the popular payment gateways work well with WooCommerce. You may use any WooCommerce addon to observe and increase your sales and marketing along this WordPress LMS plugin.

17. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Support

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the most widely used shopping carts whenever it comes to selling digital products like courses, pdf, apps, etc. Tutor LMS guarantees that you have your preferred option available when it comes to selling courses on your eLearning site. In case you don’t want to use WooCommerce, 

connect the EDD plugin to your learning management system and sell your courses seamlessly with various payment gateways.

18. Earning and Commission Allocation

While you have an eLearning platform and multiple instructors on your site, there comes the earning or commission allocation requirement. Tutor LMS allows simple sharing of course earnings among the site admin and other instructors.

Once you enable earning, you can comfortably set the percentage of admin and instructor commission. You are allowed to set any other fee deduction, and how many earning statements to show per page. 

19. Easy Withdrawal Method

After distributing the earnings, a quick withdraw method is mandatory to complete the withdrawal process. Tutor LMS seamlessly lets you make withdrawals too.

Tutor LMS payment withdrawal system

Define the minimum withdraw the amount for instructors and the method with additional instruction to fill bank information. Moreover, there are three withdrawal methods – Bank Transfer, E-Check, and PayPal.

You can check all the withdrawal requests from the admin dashboard. And Instructors can view current balance, pending, completed, and rejected withdrawals on their frontend dashboard.

20. Course Shortcode & Widget

Surely, you want to show your courses on the homepage of your website because the homepage is the most visited page of your site. Tutor LMS allows you to do that with an advanced course shortcode. Here is the example shortcode:

[tutor_course id=”20,64″ exclude_ids=”567,332″ category=”18,19″ count=”3″ order=”desc”]

You can place this shortcode on any page builders or Gutenberg block to display a single course or multiple courses based on course ID and category. You can further exclude some specific courses (those are not performing well) and limit how many courses to show. There is another parameter to sort the order in ascending or descending way. 

Who does not want to show their courses on the blog sidebar? I think you do not want to miss this opportunity if you can do that without coding knowledge. Tutor LMS has a dedicated widget named Tutor Course under Appearance > Widgets to add courses to any widget location. You can drag & drop the widget anywhere you want to promote it.

21. Course Categories and Single Course on Menu

According to successful marketers and SEO gurus, visitors should find your products or services in less than 3 clicks from the homepage. So they always recommend promoting your product or service on the navigation menu.

Tutor LMS has this option too. You can show single or multiple courses or even course categories in the menu. You will find Courses and Course Categories under Appearance > Menu > Add menu items.

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Got Questions about Tutor LMS?

Do I need coding skills to use Tutor LMS?

Not at all! Tutor LMS is a super user-friendly plugin so you can create an eLearning site with it without any coding knowledge.

Does Tutor LMS work with Elementor, Divi, Beaver, Builder, Brizy page builders?

Yes, Tutor LMS is compatible with Elementor, Divi, Beaver, Builder, Brizy page builders. You can use these page builders on Course Description and Lesson Content.

Can I translate this to other languages?

Surely, Tutor LMS is fully translation ready. You can translate this to your own or any other languages.

Will Tutor LMS support with RTL languages?

Yes! Tutor LMS supports RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. So you do not have to hesitate about creating an eLearning site RTL language. 

What are the best compatible themes with Tutor LMS?

Tutor LMS works well is most of the modern themes. But you will have no compatibility issue with Astra, OceanWP, Storefront, Divi, Page Builder Framework, GeneratePress. These themes have highly experimented with Tutor LMS.

Is there any eLearning LMS theme exclusively built on Tutor LMS?

Yes. Themeum the proud author of Tutor LMS has developed 3 themes exclusively for Tutor LMS. And those themes are Edumax, Docent Pro, Language School.

Does Tutor LMS work with the Multisite environment?

Obviously, Tutor LMS works well with the multisite environment.

Can I use Tutor LMS is a Multilingual site?

Yes, you can use Tutor LMS on a multilingual site without any compatibility issues.

Tutor LMS Pricing

Pricing is one of the key factors when you are comparing other similar products. Tutor LMS offers both lifetime and yearly pricing plans. Also, they have distributed the pricing in 6 packages based on the number of sites you can use it on. All the pricing packages include every single Tutor Pro features and add-ons.

Annual Pricing Plans: You can choose an annual (yearly) license, which takes you one year of priority support, plugin updates, and free installation service:

  • Single License (1 site) — $149
  • 5 License Pack (5 sites) — $199
  • Unlimited Licenses (unlimited sites) — $299

Lifetime Pricing Plans: Instead, you can pay for the lifetime priority support and plugin updates:

  • Single License (1 site) — $399
  • 5 License Pack (5 sites) — $599
  • Unlimited Licenses (unlimited sites) — $999
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Are lifetime licenses worthy?

I think a lifetime license is beyond worthy. I am 100% that you are not creating an eLearning site only for 3 or 5 years. In this case, purchasing a lifetime license is a wise decision than renewing the annual or yearly license at the end of every year. Because of a Yearly Single License costs you almost $750 for five years ($149*5 = 745), where you can go for the Lifetime Single License only at $399. 

Split Payment Opportunity

You would like to purchase a Lifetime License that is the best suits for your business, but you do not have all the money right now. What will happen? Nothing to worry! Why? Because of Tutor LMS allows a split payment fulfillment opportunity who wants to purchase the lifetime license. 

To get this opportunity, you can purchase an annual license at first. And then upgrade to the lifetime license when you have funds available. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Meanwhile, Tutor LMS has a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked policy to make the decision making easier for you. If you do not like the plugin, all you need to do is contact their customer support for the claim. Following that, your request will proceed within 24 hours except for the weekend.

Final Thoughts About Tutor LMS

It combines great functionalities with excellent design. No other WordPress LMS plugin meets this. It makes the entire eLearning process easier, starts from the course creation, selling, and managing.

All of the software or plugin have more or fewer bugs. The dev team of this plugin always release 2 or 3 updates monthly with improvement and fix. If you want to develop a top-notch professional eLearning site, Tutor LMS Pro is more than a better option for you. 

I know every single piece of Tutor LMS feature. Let me know if you have any questions or confusion.

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